Looking for a co-host enthusiastic about Mexico-Us news

Hello, my name is Anaya I am from Chihuahua Mexico and I already have a podcast about esports, but I would love to start a new podcast about Mexico-Us news and discuss the news from our points of It would be interesting to discuss it,.since we have different systems            

Looking for co-host for a food gardening and sustainability topics podcast.

Hi my name is Rodrigo and I’m developing a podcast about food gardening and sustainability. I’m looking for a female co-host that is interested in topics about organic gardening and environment consciousness. I’m an audio engineer and I’m producing and taking care of the technical aspects of the show, I mainly just looking to add ...

Producer available

Looking to partner my services with the right show. I specialize in live production, audio/video post production, & organic marketing distribution.

Ghostwriter (football, sports) wanted

Hi, we’re looking for a football-related ghostwriter for our blog and newsletter. Please mail us.

Podcast for e-sports

Hi there, anyone looking for a co-producer of an e-sports podcast?

Business Technology Podcast (or Newsletter)

I work in marketing for an AV company. I’ve realized that many media outlets for business technology have a monopoly or they only post content from the big players. I think this is a huge opportunity to get real users of business technology (small to medium size businesses) and share their experiences.

Gaming newsletter? Possibly on Substack

Hi, anyone interested in a PC gaming Substack newsletter?

Substack newsletter (Jazz)

I’m thinking about writing a Jazz-themed newsletter on Substack. Anyone wanting to joing me?

Basketball-centered podcast – anyone?

Anyone intersted in such a topic?

Looking to start an ETF-related newsletter

Potentially weekly editions with the target group being millenials looking to invest their savings. Please let me know when you are interested (Email below).

Writing a book together?

Anyone intersted in writing a Health/Paleo-focused book together?